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Andrew Berkowitz
26 Jan 2022
6 min read


Today Socialstack has evolved into ValuesCo! I’m excited to share how we got here, what we’ve learned along the way, where we’re headed next, and how you can join us. You can learn more in our press release and engage with this video celebrating the evolution.

I started Socialstack 2 years ago as a result of a desire to explore the potential of Web3 and social tokens as a new way to coordinate and co-create value through Internet-native communities. Having spent 5 years building a portfolio of podcast-first media brands covering tech in emerging markets, I saw the potential for creator-driven communities to transform media  into a more equitable and participatory experience for audiences.

Since then, we’ve pioneered Web3 rewards ecosystems for good for over 20 communities, including the first social tokens for a B-Corp, a nonprofit, and at Christie’s. Our communities have used our tools to clean up 770k pounds of ocean plastic, raise $1.1 Million for African history preservation, launched on Billie Eilish’s tour, and more. This has opened our eyes to the potential of Web3 as a toolkit for impact and engagement, and fueled our desire to create ways for brands and nonprofits to co-create.

We’ve been reflecting on our raison d’etre - The new name reflects our belief that we as a society must realign economic value with community values like health, nature, and peace to create a just, regenerative future.  By providing tools that align value with values through action, we see Web3 as a way to turn on thousands of experiments that inspire positive behavior and human creativity with new kinds of rewards and shared ownership.

ValuesCo is enabling a collaborative future to co-create social and environmental impact with audiences, so we can live in greater alignment and harmony.

That’s the big idea. Here’s how it works:

  • For brands - Brands can ignite shared purpose ‘missions’ to create rewards-based experiences (without touching the blockchain). These empower customers to take action to advance their engagement & impact goals while serving people and planet. According to a 2017 CSR Study, “87% of consumers said they would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about”. We’re providing ways for brands to  actively engage their customers and empower them with rewards for taking action in this advocacy. 
  • For communities/non-profits - Nonprofits and communities can engage their participants and inspire action. Whether they are involved in civic engagement, sustainability, or mental health, they can reward action through gamified campaigns that also act as an opportunity for corporate sponsorship and donations. Values empowers communities to design & launch a social token with no code or blockchain knowledge.
  • For individuals - Individuals can participate in reward-driven campaigns and earn rewards like cryptocurrency, products, experiences, and entry into high-ticket sweepstake items like a trip to space or a 7-night stay in the Maldives for taking action and making an impact within their favorite communities.

To power this transformation, we’ve closed a $2.7M seed round of funding from funds like Flori Ventures, Metaweb Ventures, OWN Fund, and angels such as Celo President Rene Reinsberg and entrepreneur Richard Spanton Jr. who share our vision and understand the potential unlocked when we empower purpose-aligned stakeholders to participate in ecosystems that incentivize impact actions. 

ValuesCo Advisor, Adrian Grenier

And we are humbled to share a few of the advisors who have signed on to share our values. Actor & UN Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier, Gen Z activist & Muhammad Ali Foundation Humanitarian of the Year ‘21 Chelsea Miller, ex-Lyft head of global policy & social impact Mike Masserman, and philosopher & author of Sacred Economics Charles Eisenstein. They had some inspiring things to say about ValuesCo, and you can read those in our press release.

So - yeah. We’ve been busy! Thanks to these partners, we are firing on all cylinders and picking up speed. We’ll have more to share over the coming days and weeks including new partners, new products, new advisors, new hires and new opportunities to participate. 

Thanks for reading :)

Andrew Berkowitz

Cofounder & CEO

CEO/Cofounder - Valuesco

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